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Build your own small town from scratch!

Made for Ludum Dare 45 (theme: start with nothing)


Small Town is a clicker/tower defense game in which you build your own town. Produce resources, build better types of buildings, gain experience points, level up your town and defend it against dangerous enemies. Your goal is to build the last unlockable building: The Statue of Glory!


  • Use mouse to play the game
  • The first thing you should do is building your townhall. It is the most important building in the game - the heart of your town
  • There are 3 resources: woodstone and gold. Use them to build new buildings
  • Lumberjack and mine buildings produce resources
  • Click on the map screen to gain exp and produce resources
  • You can click using mouse or keyboard (keyboard is more convenient in this case)
  • Gold is the most valuable resource. It is produced in mine but it has much lower chance to drop than stone
  • Houses give you exp
  • Exp is necessary to level up your town
  • The higher is your level, the more resources your building produce (but on the other hand it also increases enemies' strength, so be careful). Also, some buildings need certain level to be unlocked
  • The road is used by enemies to reach your townhall building
  • When the enemies reach your townhall, you lose
  • Build Towers to defend your townhall
  • Build the last unlockable building: The Statue, to win the game

Good luck!



  • improved difficulty balance
  • fixed wood number bug
  • fixed overlapping enemies bug
  • fixed projectile sound effect bug
  • fixed townhall button color bug


Small Town v1.0.1 (Ludum Dare 45) 2 MB
Small Town v1.0.2 (Post LD) 6 MB


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Really enjoyed playing! The strategy and resource management was well thought out :)