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This game is an entry for Extra Credits Game Jam #4 (theme: connect)


"No internet connection" is a remake of the classic game about running T-Rex that appears in a browser when you have no internet connection.


  • SPACE / ENTER - Jump

Use jump to avoid obstacles, and duck to fit in small passages. You can also use down arrow key to fall faster (this is especially helpful when game gets faster)


  • I wanted to make also different modes - for example Pterodactyl Mode in which you are a pterodactyl and you have to avoid some other objects flying towards you, but I decided to polish T-Rex mode. (I had only 100 hours to make this game)
  • I will make some music for the post gamejam edition of this game
  • I hope there won't be any copyright issues with this game (as it is a remake)
  • Have fun, and share your highscore!

Install instructions

This is a single run executable. If you want to delete your save file, go to %localappdata%/no_internet_connection and delete "nic_save.sav"


No internet connection.exe 2 MB
Game Maker Studio Project 1 MB


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the remake we don't deserve 10/10


Great remake! I prefer this artwork and the types of obstacles over to the original one of a certain browser

Thanks for playing!